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HRC Celebration of National Volunteer Week Continues

National Volunteer WeekIn our continued celebration of National Volunteer week we wanted to share some of the inspirational comments we received on our facebook page about why people volunteer with the Human Rights Campaign:

Henry DjHenry B: I remember volunteering for the HRC last year during Miami Beach's Gay Pride Festival. It was a BLAST -  speaking with the LGBT community young and old as well as straight supporters. It was refreshing to see so many people signing petitions and giving my group and I their personal experiences and testimonies. I’d do it all over again if I could. Always proud and willing to serve my community...xoxo

Marae Owens: Every year I volunteer for the Utah HRC Gala dinner. I do it for myself. It gives me a sense of purpose and family. I believe it’s good for my kids see me do volunteer work for the interests I believe in.

Keep the stories coming and to sign-up to volunteer, please visit

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