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HRC at Long Beach Pride

This post comes from Tommy Lodge, HRC's Senior Manager, Membership Outreach:

This past weekend, HRC was out in full force at one of the largest (and first) LGBT pride events in the country - Long Beach Pride!  HRC staffers and members of the local Orange County/Long Beach/Palm Springs Steering Committee talked about our work nationally and in California to the revelers, estimated at around 75,000.  The mood of the crowd was hugely positive – attendees were definitely in a celebratory mood after President Obama’s recent historic public support of marriage equality.  An entertainment highlight of the weekend was the very first performance at an LGBT pride event by rapper/actress Queen Latifah, who headlined the main stage on Saturday evening to an adoring crowd.

At the festival, our volunteers helped us kick off the “Real Pride Is” campaign HRC is undertaking this summer in conjunction with pride program sponsor Showtime.  Attendees used co-branded signs to share what pride events mean to them and to the larger LGBT community.  Check out some of the shots on the front page of the HRC pride website, where you can also learn more about this campaign and upload your own photos and stories.  While there, we also encourage you to search the listing of events HRC is participating in and sign up to volunteer with HRC at pride!

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