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HRC at Liturgy of Love in Washington State

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

HRC President Chad Griffin joined Washington State Sen. Ed Murray, author of the historic marriage equality bill, and other pro-equality Catholics outside St. James Cathedral in Seattle yesterday. Seattle’s Archbishop, J. Peter Sartain, says marriage equality is an infringement on marriage equality.

Chad reflected on his own Catholic education and how the actions of many in the Church hierarchy stand in opposition to the Church’s social teaching: "Nowhere, ever, did it tell me to oppose a right that I might have.  Or to support discrimination against my brothers and sisters."

A number of Roman Catholic bishops continue to direct Church resources toward discriminating against LGBT Americans, even though nearly 60 percent of Catholics support marriage equality. In Washington State, more than 60 priests who have resigned have come together to support marriage equality. 

HRC has made marriage equality in Washington State a key priority amidst our unprecedented level of mobilization in advance of this year’s elections. HRC has dedicated 15 staff to Washington State efforts and has contributed more than $1.3 million on efforts to pass both marriage equality legislation and Referendum 74 on the ballot next week.

Washington United for Marriage, the coalition leading the drive for marriage equality in the state, lists all of the child and family organizations supporting same-sex marriage on their website. You can also find the over 500 other organizations and businesses backing Ref. 74 and learn how you can take action to build momentum for equality leading up to November.

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