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HRC and Utah Log Cabin Republicans Lobby on ENDA

The following post was submitted by John Bennett, who is HRC's Political Co-Chair in Utah: On July 8th, five members of the HRC Utah Steering Committee and two members of the Utah Log Cabin Republicans had an in-district meeting in Salt Lake City with Senator Robert F. Bennett. Though Bennett was defeated at his party's convention by a Tea Party candidate, he will serve out his term through January -- and this window of time may provide the three-term Senator an opportunity to go down on the right side of history. Although he does not support repeal of DADT prior to the completion of the Pentagon Study (due December 1, 2010), Bennett is considering becoming a co-sponsor of ENDA. That would make him the third Republican co-sponsor of this bill in the Senate. Bennett has worked across the aisle during his tenure, most notably with Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon on healthcare. The meeting was held in the Wallace F. Bennett Federal building, which is named after the four-term U.S. Senator from Utah and the father of the current Senator. The current Senator Bennett is also this author's uncle.

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