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HRC and OutServe-SLDN Call to Remove Pastor from Pentagon Prayer Event

Today HRC and OutServe-SLDN together are calling on the Pentagon to remove anti-gay Pastor Greg Laurie from the program of events at its National Day of Prayer on May 2, 2013. The groups have also launched a petition for Americans to urge the Pentagon to remove Laurie, who has a long vitriolic history of using anti-LGBT rhetoric and insists that being gay is a sin.

Pastor Laurie and his Church’s implication that being gay is a choice is not only inaccurate; it’s also a dangerous assertion. The nation’s leading medical organizations are in lockstep agreement that efforts to change one’s sexual orientation can have harmful consequences. Full statements from the medical groups are available here

Laurie will be participating in a prayer breakfast at the Pentagon Thursday morning. He will then lead the official observation of the National Day of Prayer from an event on Capitol Hill.

Take action and sign the petition now.

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