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House and Senate Fund Government for Balance of FY 2011, Return to Partisan Attacks on Healthcare Re

This afternoon, the House of Representatives and Senate both approved a continuing resolution to fund the government through September 30, the end of Fiscal Year 2011.  As we told you earlier, this CR, while cutting a number of domestic programs, preserved or even increased funding for many critical programs for people with HIV and AIDS. While the resolution did not contain attacks on Title X family planning funding or the Affordable Care Act, House Republican leaders insisted on separate votes on both of those issues. By largely party-line votes, the House passed resolutions stripping funding for the landmark healthcare reform law and denying Title X dollars to Planned Parenthood. Shortly afterwards, the Senate considered them as well – and soundly defeated them.

Now the House must begin the process of moving forward a budget for the next fiscal year – and it is likely these battles, and others impacting LGBT people and people living with HIV and AIDS, will be fought all over again.  Stay tuned…

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