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Horror in God’s Name

The following guest post comes from the Revered Dr. H. Stephen Shoemaker, Senior Minister at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina:

There will be in every age, Christian extremists with violent hearts who preach hatred.  And there will be Christians who follow the Biblical commands to love God and neighbor, even our “enemies,” as Jesus taught.  During World War II there were Christians putting Jews in death camps and Christians in Chambon sheltering Jews at the risk of their lives.

Reverend Worley’s sermon about putting homosexual persons in electrically wired camps to imprison them and eliminate them from the face of the earth is a horror.  It dishonors the name of Christ.  All true religion recognizes the worth and dignity of every person.  We say no to the voices of extremism, and to the subtler forms of prejudice that speak “love” but demean homosexual people and deny them basic human rights.

“What does the Lord require of you,” said the prophet Micah, “but to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your Lord.”  There are many today who, in the name of God, ignore justice, turn from mercy and walk arrogantly as God’s chosen ones.  God must weep.

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