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Hoosiers at HRC

Last week Freedom Indiana campaign manager Megan Robertson came by HRC headquarters in DC to thank us for our strong support of the campaign to defeat a legislative attempt to put a marriage ban onto next year's ballot in Indiana.

What's special about this campaign in Indiana is that there are key business partners in addition to HRC and other allied organizations including Indiana Equality, the ACLU, Freedom to Marry, and American Unity Fund.  The leading Freedom Indiana corporate partners are Eli Lilly and Cummins Electric.  

Together we are working hard to identify and mobilize the majority of Hoosiers who do not want to deny same-sex couples recognition of their partnerships.  The proposed ban would not only ban marriage, but also deny civil unions to Indiana gay and lesbian couples.

HRC is a proud member of Freedom Indiana. To join our efforts contact

HRC staff Jennifer Pike, Freedom Indiana, campaign manager Megan Robertson

Two Hoosiers: HRC staffer Jennifer Pike and Freedom Indiana campaign manager Megan Robertson.

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