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High Energy in North Carolina as Voters Head to Polls

North Carolina, election dayToday is the day.  Voters across North Carolina are heading to the polls in record numbers.  Of course, over half a million people voted early in the days leading up to Election Day.  It's all about turnout. 

We've received a few reports of voters being given ballots that don't include the Amendment One question.  If you are voting in North Carolina today, make sure your ballot has the Amendment One question on it before you sign for it.  The people of North Carolina are fair-minded and support equality.  We've spent months spreading the message about Amendment One's overreaching consequences.  The more people learn about Amendment One, the less likely they are to support it.  Unfortunately, our polling shows that less than half of the voters understand that it also bans civil unions.  Many also don't know that it could strip healthcare coverage from children and domestic violence protections for unmarried women.  We've run a strong campaign here in the Tar Heel state and we're hoping our work helped dispell the right wing's myths about this discriminatory amendment.

The excitement and energy level in our war room right now is high. Now it's your turn to help.  Email, text, facebook, and tweet everyone you know.  Tell them to vote AGAINST Amendment One. 

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