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Hey Ann, Mitch and Cam Have a “Real Marriage,” Too

Mitt Romney will deliver the keynote speech tonight at the Republican National Convention, but it’s Ann Romney’s comments about marriage that are making news this week.

During her speech on Tuesday, Ann Romney spoke at length about the “deep and profound" love she and Mitt share.

She also told Entertainment Tonight that the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family, which features happily married same-sex characters Mitch and Cam, is her favorite show.

It’s an odd sentiment, considering her husband seeks to prevent all real-life same-sex couples from ever enjoying any sort of “real marriage.”

The irony of her comment did not escape co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan, who shot back with a tweet offering Ann Romney a role on the show as the officiate of Mitch and Cameron’s wedding, “as soon as it’s legal.” 

While the Romneys’ years of marriage are commendable, and they’re welcome to enjoy whatever sitcoms they choose, let us not forget the reality a Romney presidency would create for same-sex couples.

Lesbian and gay couples feel the same love, honor and commitment the Romneys feel for each other. Thanks to marriage equality legislation, couples in six states and D.C., are able to celebrate their own “real marriages.”

Mitt Romney is further on the right on marriage equality than many in the Republican Party.

He signed the National Organization for Marriage’s marriage pledge, subsequently pledging to pass a federal marriage amendment banning marriage equality; defend the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act vigorously in court; appoint vehemently anti-gay judges; overturn marriage equality in the District of Columbia; and even establish a McCarthy-like commission to investigate the “harassment” of traditional marriage supporters.

Let’s congratulate Ann and Mitt on their “real marriage” by reminding her of the love same-sex couples also share.



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