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Heartland Proclamation: Supporting LGBT People in Faith Communities

Chad Griffin in Omaha

Post submitted by Sharon Groves, former HRC Director, Religion and Faith Program

Earlier this week, new HRC president Chad Griffin met with a group of religious leaders in Omaha. These leaders make up the group Heartland Proclamation, which is a growing network of clergy who are changing the conversation about LGBT equality in the heartland of America. They ground their support of LGBT people in Scripture, and in the conviction of God’s unconditional love for all people. Collectively they have signed a proclamation offering a public apology to LGBT people for the times the clergy have been silent when they should have spoken a word of grace or good news.

These clergy had a chance to share with Chad their understanding of the power of faith both in their local work in Omaha and Lincoln and in the neighboring towns in the Midwest.  They also had a chance to learn Chad’s story about growing up Southern Baptist in Arkansas and attending Ouachita Baptist University where church was a regular part of his life. 

Chad was warmly received by this group who felt they were welcoming one of their own, someone who understood that the power of the gospel to be a source of life and sustenance as opposed to a weapon to tear families apart and force people to live in shame. The day in Nebraska was a blessing for all of us.

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