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Hearing Tomorrow on Alarming Arizona Anti-Transgender Bill

Tomorrow afternoon the Arizona House Appropriations Committee will hear a bill that would drastically harm the transgender community and also undermine local ordinances protecting transgender people. The bill, SB1045, would allow individuals and business owners to discriminate against transgender people seeking to use the bathroom or other sex-segregated public facilities. This bill serves no other purpose than to single out transgender people and proactively discriminate against them.

SB 1045 also has the potential to invalidate local ordinances that prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. The language in the bill is written so vaguely that it could invalidate only protections for transgender people in sex-segregated facilities, or it could invalidate all local non-discrimination ordinances prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity in public accommodations, employment, housing, and others areas.

When it was passed by the Arizona Senate, the bill was not about gender identity or restrooms. State Representative John Kavanagh stripped the old language (about health professionals) and inserted the new anti-trans language. If passed by the Arizona House, the bill would go back to the Arizona Senate.

The House Appropriations Committee hearing on SB 1045 will take place at 2:00 PM, Wednesday, March 27 in room HHR1 of the Arizona House of Representatives building.  Supporters of equality are encouraged to arrive no later than 12:45. We encourage HRC members and supporters in Arizona to contact members of the Committee and urge them to oppose this bill. Contact information for members of the House Appropriations Committee is:

Chairman: John Kavanagh (R)

Vice-Chair: Justin Olson (R)

Lela Alston (D)

Rick Gray (R)

Michelle Ugenti (R)

Paul Boyer (R)

Adam Kwasman (R)

Chad Campbell (D)

Stefanie Mach (D)

Thomas Forese (R)

Andrew Sherwood (D)

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