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Hawaii Governor Lingle Places Civil Unions Bill on Potential Veto List

Yesterday, Governor Linda Lingle announced the bills of the 2010 Legislative Session that she is considering to veto. In her offices, at the Hawaii State Capitol, Gov. Lingle placed HB444, Hawaii’s civil unions bill on the list of 39 bills that she would consider to veto. Per Hawaii’s constitution, the Governor is allotted 10 business days to decide whether or not she will veto, sign, or allow bills to become law without her signature. In a crowded room of reporters and advocates for both sides of the issue, Governor Lingle stated that HB444 is quite possibly the most difficult and important decision of her 30 years in public office and that she has simply not yet made up her mind. Continuing our partnership, Equality Hawaii and the Human Rights Campaign issued a joint release in response to the Governor’s action. We are continuing to place pressure on the Governor by launching coordinated statewide action alerts to members encouraging them to express their disappointment with Governor Lingle for placing HB 444 on the list of potential vetoes. We have two weeks left and you can contact the Governor’s office to make your voice heard by calling (808) 586-0034 and urging her to sign HB444, Hawaii’s Civil Unions Bill.

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