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Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Unveils T-Shirt Design Contest Winner

Harvey Milk Design ContestPost submitted by Shane Martin, HRC SF ACS General Manager

In honor of Harvey Milk Day, students from kindergarten to fifth grade at Harvey Milk Civil Right Academy competed in a T-shirt design contest for HRC.

The students had two weeks to work on the design with the finalists being judged by local friends of the community, Beth Feingold of Under One Roof, Anna Damiani of the Office of State Assemblyman Mark Leno and former Harvey Milk team member Cleve Jones.

Former Castro Camera staffer Danny Nicoletta was on-site to document the unveiling of first grader Hero Freedom's winning design.

The T-shirt is now is available at the San Francisco HRC Action Center & Store and ten dollars from every T-shirt sold will be donated directly to the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy.


Image credit: (c)Dan Nicoletta/HRC

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