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Harvard Business Review: Big Business Increasingly Supports Gay Rights

Post submitted by Nicholas Peterson, HRC Diversity Intern

Susan McPherson, senior vice president at Fenton, and Laura Clise, director of Sustainable Development and Continuous Improvement for AREVA Inc., recently wrote the article, “Big Business Increasingly Supports Gay Rights”, on Harvard Business Review’s blog. The article discusses the momentous trend for large businesses such as Apple, Google and Nike to establish an internal company position on gay marriage and LGBT rights.

Companies realize that they must create an inclusive and diverse environment in order to attract and retain the best talent. Like any other demographic, LGBT consumers invest in companies that they believe are advancing their interests.
Businesses’ public support does not come without risk, however, as backlash from anti-equality entities challenges the economic and business benefits that come with supporting LGBT equality. However, companies have decided to stand by their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality. To find out more about how companies have expanded their inclusion practices and addressed such backlash, please click here to read the full article.

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