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Governor Perry Takes the Stage at His Prayer Rally

Texas Governor Rick Perry, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Florida Governor Rick Scott addressed the crowd at today’s Christian-only “Response” event in Houston. Perry and Brownback each led the audience in prayers, while Scott submitted video remarks.

Governor Perry took the stage early in the event, telling attendees the only thing they loved more than America is “the living Christ.” He went on to say that God’s “agenda is not a political agenda. His agenda is a Salvation agenda.”

Despite the Governor’s remarks, he made no effort to back down from his partnership with anti-gay groups like the American Family Association and the International House of Prayer (IHOP), which has ties to the controversial pastor Lou Engle – who whipped up support for the “Kill the Gays” legislation in Uganda.

HRC Board of Directors member Meghan Stabler also is in attendance, and captured Perry's remarks. Check them out:

Outside, where temperatures neared 100 degrees, LGBT advocates and their supporters had a strong presence along the highway, where drivers honked in support. Some “Response” attendees shouted “We’re praying for you,” from the nearby smoking decks of the stadium.

Event officials kept participants on a tight leash, not allowing them to speak directly with bloggers or members of the media. Another gentleman I tried to speak with nodded toward a nearby crowd waving rainbow flags and asked, “Do you support them?” I told him I wasn’t affiliated with that particular group but did support their general cause. He replied “I could tell,” and declined to speak any more with me.

The Response is scheduled to continue for a few more hours. HRC’s Call it Out campaign is at the event and will post the latest developments and photos to Back Story as they occur.


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