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Governor O’Malley Stands Up for Maryland Families

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley; Marriage equality; Same-sex marriageWe learned yesterday that the archbishop of Baltimore, Edwin O’Brien, sent Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley (D) a letter urging him to reconsider his stance on marriage equality. The archbishop argued the Governor's position "conflicts" with his Catholic faith. O’Malley respectfully disagreed in a follow up letter. “I have concluded," he wrote, "that treating the children of families headed by same-sex couples with lesser protections under the law than the children of families headed by heterosexual parents, is also unjust.” (Full letter is here.)

The Washington Post points to a trend that "may be surprising to some: across a range of issues regarding rights for gay and lesbian Americans, Catholics are more supportive than the general population and are more supportive [of marriage equality] than any other Christian group." Sixty-three percent of Catholics supported making it legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry, according to a Post poll released in March. A majority of Maryland Catholics agree, even though the church hierarchy goes in the opposite direction.

Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the diverse coalition that includes HRC, SEIU, ACLU of Maryland, Progressive Maryland, Equality Maryland, Pride in Faith, and others, will continue to make the case over the coming months that committed loving gay and lesbian couples across the state should have the opportunity to make that lifetime commitment to each other and to protect their families.

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