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Gov. Perry Thanks Anti-Gay Groups in “Response” Remarks

Rick Perry CrowdTexas Governor Rick Perry – who some speculated was distancing himself from the anti-gay sponsors of his prayer rally in Houston this past weekend – actually ran in the opposite direction and thanked the groups and individuals from the stage during closing remarks at the event.

“I want to thank those people who worked so hard to make this day a reality, including Mr. Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, Luis Cataldo, yea, Doug Stringer of Turning Point Ministries.”

In case you need a reminder about the anti-gay track record of “those people” the Texas Governor and likely presidential hopeful is referring to, check out our initial factoids on the Response’s organizers we did right after the event was announced in June.

HRC Board of Directors member Meghan Stabler captured Perry’s closing remarks. Watch him thank the AFA and their anti-gay partners:

Many left the Response following Perry’s earlier opening remarks. The end of the event was youth-focused and featured high schoolers and college students leading the remaining attendees in prayer. One organizer leading group chants loudly called for prayer in all classrooms across the country. In various places throughout the crowd, some people broke into tongues.

Event organizers claim more than 30,000 people attended the Response. However, HRC and other LGBT equality and civil rights advocates were in attendance and place the number closer to 15,000. For the latest on Rick Perry and the activities of his anti-gay partners, visit

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