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Going All In for ENDA in Atlantic City



100_0335[1]Last week I had the great opportunity to meet up with my friends at the Greater Atlantic City GLBT Alliance. I have been working with the Alliance since mid November and they have been great allies in our ENDA work. The Alliance invited me to a popular LGBT night they have at a local restaurant called the Ram’s Head Inn which takes place every Monday.  I love doing ENDA outreach to groups or at places where there will be a lot of people congregating; I find I always get the most amount of letters that way. With that being said, my least favorite place to collect letters is at bars. I find bar outreach to be difficult because bars are not the most conducive place for letter writing campaigns as you can imagine. Often times in a bar setting, the last thing people want to do is write a letter. The Ram’s Head Inn on Monday was the exception to that rule -- I've never lead such a successful bar outreach event.  A couple members of the Alliance spoke to the crowd for a brief moment and introduced HRC’s ENDA work in the community. Before I knew it, the whole bar was writing letters with over 30 messages sent to their congressman that night!

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