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Gingrich Signs NOM’s Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich signed the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) anti-gay “Marriage Pledge” earlier today. The pledge calls on candidates to vigorously support the Defense of Marriage Act, push for a federal marriage amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, repeal marriage equality in the nation’s capital, appoint anti-equality judges, and form a McCarthy-like commission to look into alleged incidents of harassment against NOM supporters.

In addition to Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney also have signed NOM’s pledge.

Earlier this week, Gingrich lent his support to the Family Leader’s marriage vow. In a letter to the anti-gay organization, Gingrich vowed to support DOMA and a federal marriage amendment. That marriage vow calls homosexuality a choice and a threat to public health.

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