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Getting the Vote Out in Raleigh

The final weekend before the vote on North Carolina's discriminatory and overreaching Amendment One was a big one.  On Saturday former President Bill Clinton publicly joined our fight against Amendment One, recording a call that will go to hundreds of thousands of North Carolina homes.  In the call, President Clinton outlines the harms the amendment will cause families, children, battered women, seniors, and businesses, and urges North Carolinians to vote no.  We are honored to have President Clinton with us in this fight.

At the OutRaleigh festival Coalition to Protect All NC Families volunteers escorted attendees to the Wake County Board of Elections Office to vote early.  The line wrapped around the block.  Thousands of people cast their votes for fairness.

You can feel the excitement here in North Carolina.  We continue to have real conversations with people across the state on the harms Amendment One will cause, and expose the truth that the amendment is not just about marriage, but will strip same-sex and opposite-sex couples of their rights, cause children to lose healthcare coverage, and end domestic violence protections for some women.

We have one more day.  Join us.

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