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Creating Change, National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce (NGLTF)Post submitted by Sharon Groves, former HRC Director, Religion and Faith Program

Many of us recently attended Creating Change, the annual movement building conference put on by the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce (NGLTF).  Thanks to the thoughtful work of our colleagues at the NGLTF’s Institute for Welcoming Resources (IWR), Creating Change is brimming with new energy from the faith community.  They garnered record attendance this year and along with those new voices emerged a new energy for work invested in the relationship between faith, politics, and LGBT advocacy.  We have seen in our own program a hunger for deepening dialogue on faith and LGBT equality and we are delighted to see Creating Change addressing that need. 

We are particularly grateful to have had an opportunity to participate in the coalition building work that is the hallmark of Creating Change.   In collaboration with IWR and the National Latino/a LGBT organization Unid@s, our program presented a training tract on the Bible, faith and LGBT inclusion using our jointly developed resource, A La Familia.  We brought graduates from our Scholarship and Mentorship Program for Theological and Religious Study to discuss the emerging trends in scholarship on LGBT equality and religion; and we partnered with the Religious Coalition Against Discrimination in Maine and Auburn Theological Seminary in New York to address the increasing need for religious messages and religious organizing on marriage equality. 

Sometimes coalition building can be hard work, but when done with true respect and an eye on the goal of equality it is always rewarding.  We are thankful for the graciousness and generosity we felt from our colleagues at NGLTF, and the faith coalitions that came to Creating Change.  Keeping the faith together we are building a movement where religion and faith are not seen as the problem but as vital contributors to the work for justice.

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