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Get Involved: Take New CDC-Sponsored Survey

This guest post comes from the CDC-sponsored "Sex Is the Question" survey:

HRC is supportive of an engaging and important survey about the sexual practices of gay and bisexual men. "Sex Is the Question,” is an entirely confidential survey sponsored by the Center for Disease Control, and will be used by state and local health departments to better understand the HIV epidemic among gay and bisexual men - and potentially create new techniques to reverse the trend.

"Sex Is the Question" is the largest survey ever attempted by a U.S. federal agency for gay and bisexual men, and it will only take you a few minutes to complete.   Do you want another great reason to take the survey?  For every completed survey, "Sex Is the Question" will make a monetary donation to the It Gets Better Project.  

How can you take the survey?  Just click on this link - - which will take you directly to the survey. After you complete the survey, you will also have the opportunity to invite your friends to participate, and a donation will be made to the It Gets Better Project for each of your friends who completes the survey, too.

"Sex is the Question" isn’t just a survey – it’s the first study of its kind to provide immediate feedback to its participants by incorporating videos and other interactive tools. At the end of the survey, you will be presented with personalized insight and comparisons based on your answers.   

Thank you for your consideration! With you support, we can help put an end to HIV once and for all, and in doing so, support a terrific organization.

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