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Get Involved in the Fight for Marriage Equality: Donate Your Airline Miles!

If you’ve ever wanted to play a direct role in achieving equal rights for LGBT Americans, the United for Marriage campaign is recruiting volunteers and needs your help in a particular way – donating used airline miles. Rather than let them accumulate and expire, put those miles to a good use and donate them to the campaign so we can help get volunteers into the four ballot states in the critical run-up to Election Day.

Here’s how it works:

  • You need enough total miles to purchase at least one one-way ticket.
  • We generally need a minimum of 10,000 miles for a one-way airline ticket.
  • United and some other carriers require 15,000 miles for a ticket. 
  • Some programs like Southwest and JetBlue have different requirements to purchase at least one one-way ticket. 
  • You may be able to combine miles with family members, but we cannot do that for you.
  • If you only have a small number of miles, please consider purchasing a ticket or make a small financial contribution to cover airport fees.

Learn more and donate your miles today!

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