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Gay-Friendly Teams Square Off in Super Bowl XLVI

Giants v PatriotsNot really a football fan? You’re not alone. But there are plenty of reasons to tune in to the big game on Sunday – and it’s not just for the Madonna halftime show or the ads. You can watch all that online the next day.

If you’re watching, you’ll see a rare sight – two of the most gay-friendly teams in all of professional sports.

The New York Giants and New England Patriots will be battling for the Super Bowl Championship title, but they both have winning reputations for equality.

Steve Tisch, the owner of the New York Giants, filmed a video for HRC’s New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign in 2011, saying, “I am proud to join the chorus of professionals in sports working for fairness both on and off the field.”

Former Giants star Michael Strahan, who is now a football analyst for Fox Sports, recorded a video as well, saying he feels “it’s unfair to keep committed couples from getting married.”

As for the Patriots, they were the first team to send a representative to the Gay Bowl, the championship game for the National Gay Flag Football League, according to Outsports.

In addition, Patriots safety Bret Lockett, who is on injured reserve, showed his support for equality by posing for the NOH8 Campaign last year.

Whether you root for the Patriots, who play in Massachusetts, or the Giants, who claim New York as their home state (truth be told, they play in New Jersey), know that you’re rooting for a team that hails from a place that embraces marriage equality. How’s that for a level playing field?

And even if you don’t watch the game, check out Tisch’s and Strahan’s testimonials below.



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