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Gay Couple Takes Second in Crate and Barrel Wedding Contest

The following post comes from HRC's Ellen Kahn: Congratulations Gregory and Jonathan! This young couple won second place in Crate & Barrel’s “Ultimate Wedding Contest” which was featured on Facebook and other social networking sites. The competing couples were judged in three areas: originality and creativity (50%), representation of Crate & Barrel’s lifestyle (30%), and ranking in public voting (20%). 50 couples were chosen by the public, and several judges scored them to determine the ultimate winners. The first place prize was a wedding valued at $100,000, planned by famous wedding planner Jo Gartin. With over 9,000 couples from across the country competing, the odds that a gay couple relying on public votes would place in the top three seemed pretty small. And yet Gregory and Jonathan not only took second place overall, they also managed to take second place in the preliminary public voting round where they captured 20,054 votes. The couple that won first place, Jaclyn and Tanin, only received 1,383 votes. While Gregory and Jonathan did not receive the grand prize, their second place win gave them a $7,500 gift card to Crate & Barrel as well as the support and encouragement of people across the country. They are an inspiration because of the courage they showed in participating in the contest and thereby putting themselves into the national spotlight. Through their online contest profile, “Gregory and Jonathan: A Love That Beat the Odds,” the couple illustrated both the joys and challenges in their relationship and the public rallied in support. We applaud Crate & Barrel for including all kinds of couples in their high-profile national contest and encourage other companies to follow their lead. Much of the preliminary contest was left up to the public, and the fact that Gregory and Jonathan received so much support is a sign that the support for marriage equality is growing. The Crate & Barrel contest reminds us that not all measurable victories come from passage of laws. Laws are essential, of course, but it takes a lot more to change people’s attitudes and beliefs. Gregory and Jonathan’s participation in this contest -- and the great response they received -- builds further support and acceptance for same-sex couples.

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