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Fraternities and Sororities Stand Against DADT in Florida

The following post comes from HRC Field Fellow Jeffrey Kellog: The perception many have of the Greek community is that fraternities and sororities are not open minded and accepting of anything different; especially gays and lesbians. Last week this perception was blown to bits when David Turley from HRC, veteran Walker Burttschell, and I went to two fraternities and one sorority at Florida International University to speak about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We could not have asked for a better reception. The first fraternity we spoke with was very interested and asked many questions about DADT. Following that we visited a sorority during which there was a great deal of interest in volunteering and taking action. The last visit was with my fraternity. I was extremely nervous in anticipation of what their reaction would be because it was the first time I would be addressing them as an openly gay man. After the three of us spoke, we asked them to write letters to Senator Bill Nelson supporting the repeal. They couldn’t have been more excited to support the repeal and they couldn’t have been more supportive of me. The night was awesome and one that will be remembered. Greek supporters wrote over 140 hand written letters in favor of repeal that night. We were overwhelmed by the positive support. Now it is your turn to write a letter in favor of repeal. Please go to to take action NOW!

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