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Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Starts Book Project to Help LGBT Youth

Thanks to the inspiring work of one 14-year-old California girl, LGBT youth could have better access to age-appropriate LGBT books in K-12 schools nationwide.

Amelia Roskin-Frazeel is president of the The Make It Safe Project, which delivers books about sexual orientation and gender expression to student and Gay-Straight Alliance groups at schools nationwide that currently lack the resources.

The Make It Safe Project’s goal is to provide school’s with books covering a variety of topics from bullying to coming out in order to create safer environment for LGBT youth.

“Schools rarely have books about being LGBT and most health curricula overlook LGBT relationships, sending a message to their LGBT students that they are not worth as much as their straight peers,” according to the Make It Safe Project’s website. “

Visit The Make It Safe Project to donate or nominate a school in your area. 

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