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Find Empowerment in Austin at the Equality Bus

This post comes from Meghan Stabler, HRC Board Member

The HRC “On the Road to Equality” Bus Tour brought cooler temperature and calmer winds to Texas today, and specifically to the State Capitol of Austin. HRC is in Austin with an educational program to bring information regarding the lack of protections we have as well as the need of equality and fairness to our neighbors. One goal is to empower gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Texans to stand up for ourselves and advocate for our rights.

Seeing a big blue and yellow bus, emblazoned with the words equality, gay, lesbian and yes, transgender, was a wonderful sight as it drove up I-35, turned on to Congress St, and headed directly to the Capitol building.

In addition to empowering our community and gaining new allies, I hope that our message will get the attention of state lawmakers and change laws to better protect LGBT children and adults from bullying and harassment, end workplace discrimination, and give committed couples better legal, marriage and adoption rights across Texas.

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