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Fight for Marriage Continues in New York State in 2011

Last month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his inaugural State of the State address. In it he reaffirmed his support for marriage equality. Cuomo also called on the Legislature to pass a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. A similar proposal passed the Assembly two years ago but was defeated in the Senate. HRC’s Campaign for New York Marriage, with is organizers deployed across the state, aggressively worked during the 2010 election cycle to ensure New Yorkers elected pro-equality senators. With a supportive Governor, a new Legislature that is more aware of New Yorkers’ call for equality  and with more and more high-profile New Yorkers joining our fight every day, the future of marriage equality looks bright in the state. I and many additional HRC colleagues will be on the ground throughout the year in all regions of the Empire State to make sure we secure the votes we need in the state Senate to once in for all extend the right to marry to all New Yorkers. HRC is especially proud of new pro-equality NY Senator Tim Kennedy from Buffalo’s 58th District who was chosen to deliver the Democrats official response to Cuomo’s State of the State. The Human Rights Campaign were early supporters of Tim with multiple employees on the ground working with local members, LGBT groups, and Tim’s staff were we greatly contributed to his primary victory against Democrat and 30 year incumbent Bill Stackowski who voted against marriage in 2009. We recommitted our people and resources through the general were we helped Senator Kennedy take on and defeat his aggressive Republican challenger to win by a small margin, but much deserved victory of around 1000 votes. Tim is a rising star in New York State politics and HRC is very proud to have been there from the beginning with him. We look forward to working with him and the New York State Legislature in 2011 and 2012 to finally bring marriage rights to all New Yorkers. To get involved in HRC’s New York Campaign for Marriage, please contact David Turley at 202 330 3790 or email me at

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