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Feel Targeted by Rush Limbaugh? Call Him Out at #BulliedByRush

The following post comes from HRC Web Editor Eric Cameron:

Conservative wingnut and radio host Rush Limbaugh has certainly made a show of his misogyny in recent weeks. His degrading and offensive comments regarding Georgetown University Law School student Sandra Fluke have provoked widespread outrage, prompting at least 51 companies to pull their ads from The Rush Limbaugh Show.

The Women’s Media Center has launched a new campaign, #BulliedByRush, in response to Limbaugh’s long history of dehumanizing language toward women and other marginalized groups. “We encourage anyone who feels they have been targeted by Rush -- directly or indirectly, personally or collectively -- to share their story,” writes WMC President Julie Burton.

For years, Limbaugh has used his talk show as a platform to mock and attack the LGBT community. Media Matters has compiled a list of Limbaugh’s most offensive anti-LGBT statements here.

Check out the #BulliedByRush campaign and post your own response to Limbaugh’s hate-filled rhetoric using WMC’s Tumblr or the Twitter hashtag #BulliedByRush.

Image courtesy of Ron Edmonds / AP

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