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Extremist Ken Buck Needs to Get His Facts Right

Yesterday morning on Meet the Press, Colorado Republican senate candidate and Tea Party darling, Ken Buck said being gay is a choice and compared it to alcoholism.  His comments were not only factually inaccurate, they were dangerous. The American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association have both concluded that same-sex attraction is normal, and that attempts to change sexual orientation are unhealthy and harmful. In the past six weeks, a number of teenagers have taken their own lives after being the victims of anti-gay bullying and harassment.  These suicides were preventable.  Kids struggling with their identities need to know that they are normal and they are loved just the way they are.  They don’t need to hear hateful words like those that Ken Buck spewed.  Ken Buck needs to correct his statements now.  He needs to do it for the kids. In a separate interview, Buck said LGBT issues won’t be affected by the Senate.  The reality is there are nearly a dozen LGBT-related issues awaiting the Senate’s attention.  When pressed about his comments that being gay is a choice, Buck said he’s not a biologist and hasn’t studied LGBT people.  If elected to the Senate, he would make a lot of choices about issues he is not an expert on.  We now know his extremist ideology will always win out.

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