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Expedia Backs Marriage Equality in Washington

Sheila Stickel is the deputy campaign manager for Washington United for Marriage, the campaign working to defend marriage equality at the ballot box in November.

Expedia has joined the growing list of companies that have endorsed marriage equality and the effort to approve Referendum 74 in Washington state in November.

Expedia is headquartered in Bellevue and has 2,270 employees in Washington and 8,900 worldwide.

"Today, we add our voice to the topic of marriage equality. We thoughtfully engage in this public discussion because it has a significant impact on our employees, customers, and partners, all with whom we interact daily," said Expedia President and CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. "Supporting the legislation recently passed in Washington State – which provides same-sex couples with the same right to civil marriage that opposite-sex couples already enjoy – is a natural extension of our ongoing commitment to the LGBT community.

"Therefore, Expedia, Inc. is proud to declare support of marriage equality for same-sex couples everywhere."

See the full coalition list on the Washington United for Marriage website.

HRC is proud to have been a founding member of the campaign to pass marriage equality in Washington State, working side-by-side with state partners. You can sign up here to volunteer with HRC to help mobilize supporters of marriage equality in Washington or donate to HRC’s special fund to direct 100 percent of your contribution to Approve Referendum 74.

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