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Eugene Delgaudio’s Jaw-Dropping Anti-LGBT Poll

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

The self-appointed “Public Advocate of the United States,” Eugene Delgaudio has released a shocking new “membership poll” that exposes his true anti-LGBT vitriol. In an email sent out to his listserv, Delgaudio says:

Dear Pro-Family American,

They’ve been attacking on every front for months and your Public Advocate is worn to the bone.

Every day I pray that I’m doing the right thing.   That there are still enough Americans like you, committed to the family to win in the end.

My friend, all of these bills are grave threats to morality and the Family... I just don’t know which to fight.

In his survey, he refers to a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) as the “Gay Bill of Special Rights,” the Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA) as a “Homosexual Classrooms Act,” and refers to the Respect for Marriage Act as the “Offense of Marriage Act.”

According to Delgaudio, ENDA would “create a super-class of sexual deviants, establish mandatory quotas of homosexuals [sic] employees for businesses, churches and even daycare centers, and make it impossible for anyone to ever fire a homosexual employee.”

Along that line of reasoning, Delgaudio proffers that SNDA actually aims to “force every school to introduce homosexual curriculum designed to indoctrinate young, impressionable minds into sexual and social deviancy.”

This is hardly the first time Delgaudio has lashed out with ridiculous lies against LGBT Americans and legislation meant to protect our rights in places such as the workplace and schools. Earlier this year, the conservative publication the Weekly Standard sent out an anti-LGBT email to subscribers as part of Delgaudio’s sponsorship of the publication.

After HRC called out the incident, the mag’s publisher quickly condemned it, saying the ad was “obviously not the sort of advertising that we would accept, nor will we accept it in the future. It was just one of these cases where an ad came in, it was not fully vetted in the way it should be, and it got out.”

H/T to Andy Szekeres for this. If you see blatant homophobia or transphobia in your community, call it out and let HRC know.

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