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Equality North Carolina and HRC Working Together for Equality

Equality North CarolinaHRC and Equality North Carolina have joined forces to fight the latest threat to our equality in North Carolina, an anti-LGBT marriage amendment introduced in the North Carolina legislature recently. This Super DOMA, (Senate Bill 106) would deny lesbian and gay couples access to marriage and other forms of relationship recognition.  In other words, Super DOMAs are super mean.  Those who support such amendments don’t just want to deny us marriage, they want to ensure we cannot form domestic partnerships or civil unions either.

Equality North Carolina has successfully fought back versions of this bill since 2004 when a similar constitutional amendment was proposed for the first time.  Thanks to Equality North Carolina’s efforts, and those of the Democratic leadership, it has never reached a floor vote.  In November 2010, however, control of the General Assembly shifted to the Republicans for the first time since reconstruction.  Now the fight is on to convince enough Republican and Democratic legislators that this amendment is bad for business and it’s bad for our families and we are mounting a vigorous campaign to make this case.

HRC is proud to support Equality North Carolina’s campaign this year with a grant of $10,000 and dedication of one of our full-time field staffers, Jessica Osborn, who is on the ground now working with ENC staff.  Our local HRC volunteer leaders are also lending a hand reaching out to business leaders and faith communities and all who support the equality and dignity of North Carolinians.   Please join us in this effort by contacting

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