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Equality Hawaii and HRC Unite to Push Civil Unions Across Finish Line

How I love chocolate covered macadamia nuts… Ok, so the nuts were an added bonus. The main treat today was welcoming Tambry Young and Suzanne King from Equality Hawaii to the HRC headquarters here in Washington, DC. Tambry, Suzanne and the rest of our friends at EQHI are fresh off a stunning reversal of fortunes in the battle to pass Civil Unions legislation in the state. As you may recall, HRC and EQHI have been working closely together since November 2008 to pass HB 444 and I have personally spent one of every nine days in the past year organizing in the state. So when I got a phone call in the wee hours of the morning on April 30, I was overjoyed to hear the bill passed in the closing minutes of the legislative session. Finally for once, the six hour time difference between Honolulu and Washington was not an issue. Our meeting today with the emissaries from the Aloha State was part reunion and part strategy session. While I won’t publicize the details of our conversation, I will guarantee that both organizations are committed to seeing this through to the end. The Governor has until June 21 to indicate which bills she is considering for a veto and until July 6 to take action or allow the bill to become law without her signature.

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