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ENDA Organizing and Ice Fishing

  100_0354[1]I had the great pleasure of traveling back to my third and final congressional district this week, NY's CD-23. I started my two week journey last week first visiting my New Jersey districts CD-2 and 11. This week brought me back to Oswego for my fourth time believe it or not! I love Oswego; I love organizing up in the north country in general, which is what the region is referred to. NY CD-23 is New York’s largest and northernmost district bordering Canada, the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. It is gorgeous country. One of the reasons I enjoy organizing up there as much as I do is because of the snow frankly. Don’t get me wrong, I truly dislike having to scrape my car windshields free of snow and ice every morning and then getting into that freezing cold car of mine, but besides that, I love it. The snow makes the organizing fun. The constant changing winter climate and lake effect snow fall make every ENDA task a snowy adventure for me. It is like a winter wonderful. One person I worked with yesterday literally wrote his letter to Congressman Owens in support of ENDA right before he went ice-fishing in Lake Ontario. For a California native like myself, I got such a kick out of the fact that he was actually going ice-fishing. Wow. Of course he in return asked me if I surfed! Our ENDA work is really coming along in the north country. Although Congressman Owens has not yet expressed whether or not he will support ENDA, the fact the he signed on as a co-sponsor for the bill to repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law is a promising sign that we have a good shot. I have been in contact with Congressman’s Owens office in DC and he will be meeting our fellow HRC supporters in the region at a date yet to be determined in February. We are really looking forward to the opportunity to sit down with the Congressman. His office has also expressed their eagerness to learn about the bill. I am cautiously optimistic that HRC’s supporters and allies will indeed secure Rep. Owens support this year. Attached is a quick picture taken of Damian Schofield in front of his home in Oswego….my home while in CD NY-23. Damian and his wife Julie have been some of our greatest allies in the region. Damien is a Professor over at SUNY Oswego. He and his wife Julie have done a great job of spreading the ENDA word on campus. Through the two of them I found many new ENDA allies at SUNY Oswego. Most importantly, they are just the most fun loving, supporter couple, who have made me feel very welcome and at home at their home in the North Country. Remember to start the New Year strong and contact your legislator to urge them to support ENDA!  Do it now by going to

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