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ENDA Op-Ed in South Bend Tribune from “No Excuses” Participant

Today's South Bend (Indiana) Tribune ran a geat op-ed on passing ENDA -- the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  The author is Martha Carroll, a local minister who has been a participant in HRC's No Excuses program.  Last year she participated in a meeting with Rep. Donnelly's staff and her congregation has been continually writing hand-written letters to their congressman. Writes Carroll in the op-ed:

ENDA provides our nation with the opportunity to correct an injustice that has stained our moral conscience for too long. ENDA represents fundamentally American and Christian values.

This is exactly the kind of efforts we all need to be engaged in to tell Congress it's time to act on important priorities like ENDA, ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell and protecting our families.  Go to to get involved!

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