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Down the Aisle at Superhuman Speed

Post submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

Super news today for marriage equality.

Longtime X-Man Northstar will be proposing to his civilian boyfriend Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #50, on sale tomorrow. A massive wedding is set to follow in June’s Astonishing X-Men #51.

The X-Men have long been considered a metaphor for marginalized communities, including the LGBT community. Northstar famously came out of the closet in 1992, and June’s same-sex wedding will be a Marvel first.

X-Men editors tell Huffington Post the decision followed naturally after New York legalized marriage equality last summer.

Yesterday, we reported that DC Comics will reintroduce a formerly straight character as gay. It’s a groundbreaking moment for LGBT characters in the comic book world and such an inspiring message to young readers on the diversity of heroism.

Image courtesy of Marvel

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