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Discovering New Tools to “Educate Out” Our Fears

HRC Welcoming SchoolsThe following post comes from Kisha L. Webster, Associate Director of HRC's Welcoming Schools:

HRC's Welcoming Schools program recently provided an online screening of the highly acclaimed film, What Do You Know?, a film in which 6- to 12-year-olds talk about gays and lesbians. Over 100 participants (mostly educators) saw the film and were given an overview of the work done by Welcoming Schools. They also had the opportunity to post questions and comments to our presenters.

Overwhelmingly, the participants posted comments about how they enjoyed the film. They saw the value of providing it as a tool to positively address LGBT issues in schools, but some also expressed their fears. They feared negative responses and actions from their employers, parents, colleagues and the greater community.

The late psychiatrist Dr. Karl Augustus Menninger stated that “fears are educated into us, and can if we wish, be educated out.” Welcoming Schools offers a unique approach which helps to educate the fear out of us. When school professionals, parents, and community partners become familiar with Welcoming Schools' tools, lessons, and resources to create and maintain safe school climates, fear becomes extinct.

Learn more about Welcoming Schools' wide array of LGBT-inclusive teaching resources here.

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