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Demand Equality Face to Face – Meet with Your Members This August

The following post comes from Scott Smith, HRC Policy Assistant:
The Human Rights Campaign launched a national campaign “Demand Equality Face to Face” encouraging our members and supporters to schedule meetings with their Senators and Representatives during the upcoming August recess, when most members hold events and meetings in their districts to hear directly from constituents.
The campaign builds on the incredible progress over the past few weeks—the momentous victory for marriage equality in New York, the first-ever Congressional hearing on repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the President’s announcement of his support for the Respect for Marriage Act to repeal DOMA.  In the national action alert, we’re urging supporters of equality to use this August to meet directly with your elected officials to discuss repeal of DOMA and employment non-discrimination.  Sign-up today.
The alert is part of a new campaign called “Demand Equality Face to Face”, designed to empower constituents to speak directly to their representatives on issues of equality and stressing the influence that a voter’s personal story can have on a lawmaker’s positions. In addition to scheduling a meeting, voters can find information on their representative’s record on pro-equality legislation, talking points, and hints on conducting an effective meeting.
One constituent meeting could mean the difference in a representative's or senator's position on repealing DOMA, passing an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, stopping bullying and discrimination in schools, providing equal tax treatment for domestic partners, or keeping bi-national same-sex couples together in the United States.   Most members of Congress will be home through Labor Day, but calendars fill up quickly so make sure to schedule your meeting right away.


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