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Delaware NAACP President Endorses Marriage Equality

Post submitted by Ryan Rowe, a Senior Field Organizer with the Human Rights Campaign. He was the Director of Faith Outreach and NAACP liaison for NC’s Amendment One campaign, the NAACP Outreach Director for the Marylanders for Marriage Equality campaign and continues to advance HRC’s work in Delaware, Illinois and other states to build and support partnerships at the intersection of faith and civil rights communities and LGBT equality.

As the announcement from our friends from Equality Delaware says,  there is "huge news" today from our campaign for marriage equality in "The First State."  Today the Delaware NAACP officially joined our growing coalition efforts to make Delaware the next state to pass marriage equality!

As the field organizer coordinating HRC’s historic partnership with the national NAACP in Delaware and in other states, it has been amazing to witness the extraordinary strides being made at this intersection of the work for marriage equality as a part of the larger social justice movement. Check out President Smith’s video below as he carries forward the work of powerful leaders like Rev Dr. William J Barber II, Chairman Emeritus Julian Bond and President Benjamin Todd Jealous, the groundbreaking work in NC and our historic wins in MD, MN and WA.

Partnerships like these are making a critical difference in the growing momentum towards full access to marriage equality for all loving couples in the United States and we thank the NAACP and all of our partners working to make Delaware "The Next State."


Join HRC and Equality Delaware in our continued work to bring marriage equality to Delaware. Sign the petition now.

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