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Deceptively-Named “One Million Moms” Continue to Stir Up Hate

One Million MomsThe following post comes from HRC Digital Media Team Member Eric Cameron:

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a number of hateful – and unsuccessful – boycott campaigns launched by a group known as One Million Moms.

They targeted JC Penney for choosing Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson, a choice out of line with “traditional values.” They called for Toys “R” Us to stop promoting the top-selling gay wedding issue of Archie Comics, which might force “premature” and “uncalled for” discussions of sexual orientation. Their moral outrage has rained down upon Liquid Plumr, Hardee’s and ABC’s “Good Christian Belles.”

One Million Moms is a division of the anti-gay American Family Association – an extremist Christian group whose mission includes “restrain[ing] evil by exposing the works of darkness.” The misnamed campaign boasts only 44,000 followers on Facebook and has inspired countless anti-hate protest groups, including “One Million Moms Behind Ellen” and “One Million Human Beings against One Million Moms.”

The group’s Facebook page features a playful recipe for “Happiness Cake,” which combines loving spoonfuls of Kindness, Gentleness and Respect. Let’s hope One Million Moms take a page out of their own recipe book, rather than stirring up more hate and anti-LGBT sentiment.

Image source: One Million Moms

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