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DC: Phone Bank To Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

feb25-phonebankAll The Cool Kids Are Doing It. With more and more military leaders coming out in support of the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT), we are gaining momentum in the fight to end this discriminatory law, but we can't do it alone.  HRC phone banks are a great way to take part in the movement to repeal DADT and to get involved directly and effectively.  In the past week alone, our volunteers have generated hundreds of constituent phone calls directly to key senators, urging them to heed the advice of our top military officials and to get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Come join us as we make an impact, network with other progressive community members, and help HRC members around the nation to take action effectively on a local level.

  • When: Tomorrow, Thursday 2/25 from 6-8:30pm
  • Where: HRC Headquarters
  • Who: You + Friends
  • Provided: Food, Phones and Networking (hats and sunglasses not included, but encouraged)

Make sure to RSVP with Monica ( or sign up on the website ( to reserve your spot.

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