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DC for Marriage Equality in Rhode Island

RI flagPost submitted by Christine Sloane, Former HRC Regional Field Organizer

At the HRC office, we’ve been calling on Rhode Island legislators to say “yes” to marriage equality. Last night, seven volunteers from the D.C. area joined me at our headquarters to jump on the phones to support equality in a state that none of them lived in, and that most had never been to.

These volunteers understand that when there is inequality anywhere, there is inequality everywhere and joined our efforts to do their part. Last year, the District of Columbia passed marriage equality, and as one volunteer put it “I’m here because I want everyone to be able to celebrate their love and commitment the same way I can”.

We spoke to voter after voter and transferred dozens directly to key State Representative’s. It was a great night, but there is still so much work ahead of us. Rhode Island has never been closer to passing this legislation. For every state that recognizes all loving committed couples, we are that much closer to realizing a more open, inclusive America.

If you live in Rhode Island please contact to find out what’s going on in your neighborhood.

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