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Dawning of a New Day in Anchorage

Prop 5 AnchorageThere’s nothing like getting up at 5am and heading to the busiest intersection in Anchorage to get Election Day started with a bang.  Yes, it was only 20 degrees outside – and yes, we’re still thawing out our hands and feet – but dozens of Yes on Prop 5/One Anchorage volunteers showed up before the sun peaked out over the mountains.  The response was inspiring as supporters honked, waved and gave the volunteers thumbs up on their way to work.

Now we’re back in the office, anxiously awaiting over 100 volunteers who will be making final phone calls, knocking on doors and dropping literature trying to turn out every last supporter to ensure that when polls close at 8pm, we’ll have done everything we could to win.  We’re cautiously optimistic that when the results come in, we’ll be able claim victory and make Anchorage the first municipality in Alaska to protect its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents from discrimination.

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