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DADT Repeal Hits Palm Beach PrideFest

HRC - West Palm 4   Our Southern Florida Steering Committee celebrated Palm Beach Pride this year on March 27th. Our local steering committee has been my greatest ally in South Florida ever since I arrived last month. I have been working with them at their local events in order to identify and organize local support for DADT repeal. We have been aggressively postcarding and doing outreach at as many events as possible in order to identify veterans who are willing to speak out against DADT and get people involved. On that Saturday, eight HRC volunteers worked at our HRC Pride booth, informing Pride-goers about the detrimental effects of the law and what they could do to let Senator Nelson know that Floridians expect him to vote for repeal. There was a lot of enthusiasm with people signing postcards and signing up to volunteer for this coming weekend’s Miami Beach Pride. Most importantly, we identified 13 new veterans against DADT. As every day passes, we will motivate more Floridians to speak up until Senator Nelson votes for repeal once and for all. Repeal-DADT-Now-banner_600

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