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Count Me In Annapolis!

MD marriage equalityPost submitted by Jess Osborn, Former HRC Staff

On Wednesday night Marylanders for Marriage Equality held their Count Me in Campaign Celebration at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis.  A diverse group, including young and old, gay and straight, parents with their children, and people of different faiths all gathered to learn about the latest momentum behind marriage equality across the state and how they could help their communities take action and express support for civil marriage.

Attendees wrote hand-written letters to their representatives and made supportive phone calls to fellow constituents.  Betty Crowley of the UU Legislative Ministry of MD was present, as well as Rev. Dr. Wayne Schwandt from another local congregation. Ginny Nayden, a mother and straight ally, stayed after the event for the phone bank. She mentioned that she was very impressed by the group of supporters like herself, many of whom had never volunteered for a campaign before.

Please contact to learn about the latest marriage efforts in Maryland and how you too can help make civil marriage a reality in the Free State once and for all!

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