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Continuing ENDA Organizing in Indiana

This post on our continuing organizing around the Employment Non-Discrimination Act comes from Adrian Matanza: After leaving Indiana before the holidays, I was very confident that the amazing volunteers I had met would continue the efforts in urging their members of congress to vote in favor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The LGBT communities throughout the state of Indiana were very eager to get involved and even over the busy holiday season, while visiting with family, continued ENDA work. Some even incorporated the letter writing events into their holiday festivities. IN-2010aIn Northern Indiana, the volunteers with the GLBT Center in Michiana had several events and concerts that centered around the ENDA legislation. Under the leadership of Linda Bentz, the group collected over 20 letters to Rep. Donnelly. Many are working on letters to the editors of local papers as we speak. In Southern Indiana, the LGBT group at IU Bloomington, SAGE, has been busy collecting letters and collected another 62 letters from students to bring the total of letters to Rep. Hill to over 200. With MLK Day, the group found it very appropriate to use the day to make people aware of the inequality and make Martin Luther King, Jr. proud. Also at IU Bloomington, Sarah Wilensky, Co-President of Keshet: A GLBTQA Jewish Alliance has continued religion and faith outreach, meeting with Bloomington United for Diversity, a large interfaith coalition. Together, we are working on other ways to contact Rep. Hill and provide a wide range of support from students, teachers, and religious leaders. Brian Griffith, a former volunteer with the Obama campaign is also working to identify several supportive clergy members. Working from Las Vegas can be a bit of a challenge but the work amazing, dedicated volunteers are doing, make it very easy. I am confident, with all the work we're doing throughout the state, we will have a great shot at passing ENDA with the support of the Indiana congressional delegation.

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