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Conservatives Should Support Marriage Equality

NY marriageWith New York Senators set to vote on marriage equality in the Empire state any day now, Theodore B. Olsen, the Republican former U.S. Solicitor General under President George W. Bush and co-counsel for the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the sole sponsor of Perry v. Brown, the federal court challenge to California’s Proposition 8, has a simple message to his fellow conservatives: support marriage equality.

Today Mr. Olson issued the following statement:

“Conservatives should support the Governor’s marriage equality bill. Equality under the law, nurturing strong families, and religious freedom are bedrock conservative values, and the Governor’s bill promotes them all. The bill finally ends the State of New York’s demeaning treatment of gay men and lesbians as second-class citizens unworthy of the institution of civil marriage. It stabilizes and strengthens New York families headed by gay men and lesbians by allowing them to marry, delivering untold benefits to the thousands of children raised bythose parents. And the bill protects religious freedom by ensuring that religious institutions will not be required to perform marriages contrary to their beliefs. As a lifelong Republican and conservative, I support this legislation. New Yorkers who believe in freedom, respect family values and cherish religious liberty should embrace it as well."

We have little time remaining.  If you are interested in joining our efforts, please contact Stephen Anderson at

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